About Me

If you are looking for a professional therapeutic Missouri State Licensed Massage Therapist who has a certification as a Massage Therapy Practitioner, you have come to the right place. 

I am a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).  I am trained in a variety of modalities, from light relaxation massage to deep tissue therapeutic massage.  

As the small business owner and operator of Change of Life, LLC, I  can travel ("outcall") with my portable massage table or portable massage chair to your home, office, workplace, corporate event, athletic event, other event, a reputable hotel room in the KC Northland in Clay or Platte Counties or by the KCI airport, or other arranged meeting space anywhere in the Kansas City Northland.   

As a self-employed independent contractor, I have contracted for other local and national companies since 10/17, such as Back & Body Works Massage I in Gladstone, Back and Body Works Massage II in Picture Hills,  Chateau Avalon, Spalation, Zeel Massage on Demand, SpaFlow, and have in the past provided massage therapy services for the residents of Savannah West Luxury Apartments in the clubhouse, where I also saw my own clients.  

Up until 3/1/19, I also provided Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Therapy, and Substance Abuse Counseling.  I have been in the helping field for over 26 years, and specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Women with Depression and Anxiety. 

I still provide Life Coaching and Emotional Wellness Coaching services, in addition to Licensed Massage Therapy services. 

If you’d like to set up a massage therapy services or coaching services appointment with me, click on the "Contact Me" section of this website, and you will find all the details needed there.     

- Jennifer Newcomer, LMT           (and AA, BA, MSW, LCSW, former LSCSW, and former CADC-1)

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Change of Life, LLC     


Training, Education, and Experience:   

Massage Therapy Certificate Program

Wellspring School of Allied Health

Certification:  Massage Therapy Practitioner

750 Hrs. Completed (only 500 are required for MO State License)

39.5 credits completed (over one year, full-time) , including 70 hrs. clinic internship and 4 hrs. externship

Student member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) 

Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) governs and administers the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx); Jennifer passed this Missouri state acknowledged and required exam. 

Graduated September 27, 2017 wearing yellow "honor cords"

Received the "Outstanding Academic Achievement Award" for maintaining a 4.0 GPA (grades were all A's)

Practicing in the Massage Therapy field since October 2017


Classes Completed: 

Interpersonal Communications, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Kinetic Anatomy,

Pathology, Common Medical Conditions, Assessment & Documentation Skills,

Ethics, Business Practices, Basic Swedish Massage I & II, Neuromuscular Massage,

Sports Massage, Joint & Stretch, Advanced Massage, Integrative Massage,

Eastern Movement Therapies, Special Populations, Reflexology, Hydrotherapy,

Wellness & Nutrition, Professional Development, Self-Care, CPR & First Aid, Clinic Orientation


Massage Therapy Continuing Education List

11/6/19 - Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute) - 3 CEUs 

8/13/19 - CBD Oils and Hemp Oils (Young Living Aromatherapy Essential Oils Class) - 1 hour 

6/9/19 - Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT) for the Arm and Hand - at Wellspring - 8 CEUs

6/8/19 - Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PMNT) for the Shoulder - at Wellspring - 8 CEUs

5/1/19 - Elite Therapist Coaching (Therapist Counsultants/Dr. David Kats) - 1 hr.

3/26/19 - Pregnancy and Massage (AMTA) - 3 CEUs

1/12/19 - Planning for Tomorrow to Help You Today (Business Financial Planning) (AMTA) - 1 CEU

11/29/18 - Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain : Hands-On Treatment for Lumbar, Sacroiliac, and Pelvic Dysfunctions (Vyne Education) - 6 CEUs

9/30/18 – Trigger Point Therapy of the Lower Extremity : Heel and Foot Pain (Cross Country Education)  – 1 CEU

7/17/18 - Emotions and Oils : Anxiety and Depression (Young Living Essential Oils)

4/25/18 – The Endocannabinoid System in the Brain and Body and Phytocannabinoids (Green Acres/Emerald Health Bioceuticals) 

3/4/18 – Make and Take Home : Beauty and Wellness Products with Essential Oils Part 2 (Wellness Wheel) 

2/10/18 - Introduction to Myofascial Release (Wellspring) - 8 CEUs

2/4/18 – Taking Care of Your Taxes : A Few Pointers That Will Help Take the Pain Out of Filing Your Taxes (AMTA) – 3 CEUs

1/14/18 – Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness (Unity Church) 

11/24/17 - Self-Care for Massage Therapists : Body Mechanics (AMTA) - 3 CEUs

11/9/17 - Find Your Blend, Find Your Bliss : Essential Oils for Mood Management (Wellness Wheel) 

12/22/17 - Krishnamurti: The Best Class You Will Ever Take on Meditation (UMKC Communiversity) 

12/23/17 – Make and Take Home : Beauty and Wellness Products with Essential Oils Part 1 (Wellness Wheel) 

2/24/17 - Self-Care for Massage Therapists : Injury Prevention (AMTA) - 2 CEUs

3/1/16 – Aromatherapy and Essential Oils in Skin Care (Nu Skin) 

2/7/16 – Introduction to Therapeutic Aromatherapy and Essential Oils (UMKC Communiversity) 

2005 - Empowerment Life Coaching  I and II (Judy Widener)