Welcome! Massage Therapy in Kansas City

      I believe in the importance of the mind-body-spirit-environment connection.  Massage therapy does help both the body and the mind, and it has so many benefits.  Massage releases chronic muscular tension, decreases stiffness, helps manage pain, improves circulation, increases joint flexibility and range of motion, reduces mental and physical fatigue, prevents emotional burnout, lowers stress levels, reduces adrenaline and cortisol so helps promote weight loss, encourages faster healing of injured muscles or other soft tissues, improves posture, reduces blood pressure, promotes better sleep, improves concentration, reduces anxiety, decreases depression, enhances positivity, and creates an overall sense of well-being. 

      I view massage therapy as part of your wellness self-care, and therefore part of your overall health care.  We are all so busy, pulled in different directions, and have too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.  Massage helps give us a much needed and well deserved break, and returns the balance in our lives that we all need, so we can be mindful and calm, yet focused and productive.  If you are looking to feel more recharged, restored, revitalized, renewed, refreshed, replenished, relieved, and revived, then massage therapy is definitely the solution.  


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*  All massages include proper and secure draping at all times.  A Licensed Massage Therapist providing therapeutic massage therapy is NOT the same as a "masseuse" at a "massage parlor" and there is no sexual touch or sexual contact of any type allowed, ever.  Sexually inappropriate jokes, speech, innuendo, or behaviors will not be tolerated.  The massage therapist has the right to refuse any massage therapy client for any reason at any time, and the client also has the right to terminate at any time for any reason.  A client may undress to his or her comfort level; boundaries will be respected.  By scheduling an appointment and paying for a massage therapy session, you are consenting to receive massage therapy services.  If a client chooses to leave the undergarments on, the therapist will work over the undergarments and over the sheet.  If the client chooses to remove them, the client will be under both the sheet and the blanket and will be draped appropriately.   It is never intended to intentionally or purposely expose a client; the massage therapist wants her clients to feel comfortable, safe, and secure at all times.